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01FM200 Suppression
HFC-227ea is a clean extinguishing agent, which would completely vaporized in the air,and well insulated.
02Foam Bladder Tank System
Mounting type: vertical,
horizontal Storage capacity:
500ltr to 15000ltr
Application: Widely used in
petrochemical enterprises,harbor port,oil storage...
03CO2 Automatic
Suppression System
Since CO2 Has Serval Advantage Of The Fire System, We Are Skilled In Design And Manufacturing Quality System This Line More 20 Years
04Fire Tube System
Different types can be divided into:Direct fireTube system

Indirect fire tube system

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Good after-sales,improved work efficiency.
Good after-sales,improved work efficiency.

Huichuan Enterprise- Mr.Liu, Wofufire is our long-term partner. Wofufire attaches great importance to integrity and service attitude is also very good. All products are produced by manufacturers, th...

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Good quality, warranty for 3 years
Good quality, warranty for 3 years

Phase Company-Mr.He, Before choosing to cooperate with wofufire, I have inspected many manufacturers but I am not satisfied! Finally, I visit the wofufire company, and reached a cooperation. The adv...

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Company Profile Many thanks visit Wofu Fire web , Wofu Fire Established in 2002 ,Manfacturing Varies Fire Extinguishers , Fire suppression Fire System whole Sales Fire Fighting Equipment , Fire alarm products , Fire Emergency light Exit light , Personal Fire protection , Whole Sales Fire road Safety equipment , road cone , road vest , road miiror ,road reflective tap and barrier Wofu supply one Stop Fire Fighting and road protection in China with two Factories Located in Wush......

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Fire Engine Performance Function Test Method
A: The test method is as follows: 1. Check the fire main self-test function (including screen display) and operation level (including button test). 2. To disconnect and short-circuit the connection...
What Is The Artificial Intelligence Fire Fighting IOT?
A: The rapid development of society has brought about higher demands on people's quality of life. Security is always the most important factor in maintaining social stability. The advancement of scienc...
Water Instead Of Heptafluoropropane, Do You Dare To Buy This
A: The supplier is responsible for providing the weight of the empty steel before filling the drug. The weight of the empty bottle should include at least the components such as cylinders, siphons...
How To Choose Foam?
A: Choose foam request below:: 1. The selection of low-volume foaming liquid for non-water-soluble liquid storage tanks of type A, B and C should meet the following requirements: 1) When using a liqu...
Foam Fire Extinguishing System Design Requirements
A: Foam fire extinguishing system design requirements: 1. Low-magnification system fixed top tank 1) The protected area of the fixed top tank shall be determined according to its cross-sectional area...
How To Choose A Foam Fire Extinguishing System?
A: Foam fire extinguishing system selection: 1. The selection of low-fold foam fire-extinguishing system in storage tank area should meet the following requirements: 1) Non-water-soluble liquid fixed...



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