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Sir lanka type fire extinguisher

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SIr lanka type Fire Extinguisher

Blue Cylinder fire extinguisher for 1KG -2KG -4KG-6KG-9KG-12KG and Trolley type 25KG  35KG 50KG 

This blue cylinder Fire Extinguisher are hot sale for Srilanka market , with brass valve , pressure gauge , inside powder 40% , hose strape , tamper sealing , , and trolley extinguisher with cart 

Black Red Cylinder Co2 fire extinguisher size ;2KG-3KG-4.5KG-5KG-6KG-7KG-9KG ,trolley Size :9KG-10KG-12KG-25KG-50KG double cylinders 

carbon steel cylinder CK45, high pressure type extinguisher  , color in red or black , with valve hose and horn , clean gas CO2 inside , suitable for combating fires in Flammable liquids and gases, Live electrical equipment, Combustible metals, non-polluted, dissipated, traceless, and electrical isolation. 

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