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BC Fire Extinguisher

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Features and Applicated:
* Ammonium Phosphate Chemical powder ABC
* Sodium Bicarbonate Chemical powder BC
suitable for combating fires 
Common Combustibles, Flammable liquids and gase, Live electrical equipment, Combustible metals, easier clean up after fire
Technical Data :
Capacity : 1+0.05kg
Discharge Time : > 8s
Discharge Range : > 3m
Temperature Range : -20°C ~ +55°C
Fire Class :         1A / 21B C
Working Pressure : 1.2MPa
Test Pressure : 2.5MPa
Certificate :           ISO, CE Approval
Accessories :
Brass valve without hanger loop,Small red or black handle, hose outlet M16*1.5mm
White nylon nozzle
Siphon tube M16*1.5*200mm
Spring Gauge, Dia 25mm, thread: M8*1
Yellow plastic sealing
Packing :
10pcs per carton      G.W: 19.5KG    size: 49*19*32cm
Operating  Instruction :
1. Quickly take extinguisher at a site where 5 meters away from the fire;
2. Turn it upside down before use, to loose the dry powder inside;
3. Take out the safety pin;
4. Hold the discharge hose with one arm and push the pressing handle with the other;
5. Keep upright position during powder spray, do not lying, upside down
Maintenance :
1. Should placed within reach and in a dry and ventilated place;
2. Preventing damps, solarization;
3. The parts in good installed, check it frequently, be recharged once be used;
4. Regularly check if the dry powder is caking, replace immediately if yes;
5. Cylinder should be Hydraulic Tested every 5 years, qualified them can be used
Min Order 200pcs;  Delivery time: 20-30Days
Loading and Shipment of Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguisher are dangerous goods under IMO 1044 class 2.2 by international sea bureau so all the shipment must shipped as DG cargo.
1. All cartons must stick IMO green label.
2. All container must pull green net
3. Danger shipping mark "1044" 
Quality Problems
1. quality problem from the shipping company
pls check the cargo quality once you discharge the container. any humidity damage from the shipping company must take photo and send within 5days when your get cargo, or before unload them
2.  quality problem from WOFU
within 2month after get container, the supplier must send pictures or videos to WOFU,  we would reply buyer within 2days, about the reason be caused and solution means.
if 10% quality problem, WOFU can retired the cargo in the fee from WOFU.
if only some parts problem, WOFU can discuss with buyer if client agree to accept by discount or by cash. if not, client can return or rechange the cargo by WOFU's fee.
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