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70LTR HFC-227ea cylinder fire suppression system

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HFC-227ea is a clean extinguishing agent, which would completely vaporized in the air, and well insulated. Its total flooding mode is applicable to electric fire, liquid fire or fusible solid fire, solid surface fire, gas fire which gas supply is cut before extinguishing. And it is able to protect computer rooms, communication rooms, substation rooms, hi-tech device rooms, generator rooms, gasoline storerooms, combustible chemical storerooms, libraries, data rooms, archives, treasuries, etc. We manufacture HFC-227ea system that is well structured, reliable, and widely applied to computer rooms, archives, program control exchange engine rooms , TV broadcast center, financial organizations and government departments.

Material: magamest steel;
Accessories: tank / valve/ internal siphon tube/pressure gauge/solenoid valve/flexible hose/liquid one way valve;            Tank size:300*1120*6mm(diameter*height*thickness);
Necking: M58X4; 
Painting:  red epoxy polysteter RAL3000/red coating polyster RAL3000;                                                     
Valve size:brass,1-1/4";operated by safety release device (burst disc);
Gauge:  NPT 1/8;Eletrical acutuator: 24DCV;                 
Filling pressure:4.2 Mpa or 2.5Mpa;                               
Discharge time:≤10s;                                                                 
Filling density:≤950kg/m3;                                                           
System working power:AC 220V  DC 24V 1A                           
System working temperature:-10℃~55℃;                                 
Operate: manual, auto and eletrical   


System Maintenance
1 The gas extinguishing system should be maintenance regularly by the people who received special training and pass the test.
2 Before the formal demonstration of system, the following documents must be prepared:
2.1 All of the technical information documentation and the report of inspection.
2.2 Regulations for technical operations
2.3 The inspection and maintenance record of the system.
3 The gas extinguishing system should be inspected twice a month. The detail requirements are as follow:
3.1 observational check of the extinguishing agent container, selector valve, liquid non-return valve, high-pressure tube, header pipe, valve driver, pipe system and nozzle. These system components shouldn’t be damaged due to collision or mechanical damage. The surface shouldn’t have rusty and the protection coating should be in perfect condition. The product plate should be visualized. The protect shell, lead seal and the safety sign should be in good shape.
3.2 The pressure of the cylinder shouldn’t be less than 3.8Mpa(4.2Mpa working pressure) or 2.3 Mpa (2.5Mpa working pressure). The pressure of the driving device shouldn’t be less than 5.0Mpa
4 The gas extinguishing system should be inspected thoroughly twice a year. The detail requirements are as follow:
4.1 The gate of the fire protective area, the usage of the protective area and the type of fuel, quantity and distribution situation should follow the requirements of the designs.
4.2 The equipment of the extinguishing agent container storage room, the extinguishing agent delivery pipe, piping support and hanger should be fixed without loose. 
4.3 The high-pressure tube: should in good shape without cracking and aging. If necessary, should test the water pressure strength and pressure tightness of the gas pressure of each high-pressure tube.  
4.4 The nozzle orifice shouldn’t be jammed.
4.5 If the extinguishing agent transportation pipe was damaged or jammed.  It should be test the pressure tightness and flushed.
4.6 For each fire protection area should execute an automatic activating simulation test. If there are any parts failed, please execute an gas jetting simulation

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